Frequently Asked Questions

Is your LAB FDA EUA Authorized for COVID-19 Testing

SV Diagnostic Lab is a CLIA certified lab for High complexity testing and we are FDA EUA authorized to perform the COVID-19 Testing

What are different types of COVID-19 testing services your lab offers.

Currently SV Diagnostic Labs offer comprehensive COVID-19 testing services that include

  1. Rapid IgM/IgG antibody testing
  2. Nucleic Acid/RT-PCR testing for COVID19 using Nasal swab or Saliva/Oral Rinse
  3. Serology/Blood testing for COVID19

What is your Turnaround time for COVID-19 Test Results

Currently our COVID-19 testing turnaround times are 24 hours from the time the sample is received in the labs . However to allow for unforeseen issues, we only promise 48 hour turnaround times from time the sample is received in the lab.

What is your Technology Platform for COVID-19 testing

SV Diagnostic labs has the state of the art facilities with modern testing platforms. For COVID-19 PCR testing, we are using thermofisher Quantstudio with thermofisher Kingfisher robotic extraction process. In addition we use the FDA approved thermofisher COVID-19 reagents and we follow the thermofisher protocol.

Do you Integrate with our EMR or Telehealth platforms

SV Diagnostic Labs uses a modern LIMS software system developed by our in-house technology team. We have the capabilities to integrate with all EMR & Telehealth softwares. In addition for Employer/School based track/trace programs, we can also integrate with HR applications.

What is your current testing capacity for COVID-19

Currently our Lab is able to process about 10,000 tests/day. 

Can your lab help us with Back to work/school protocols

Our lab currently assists all our clients in setting up protocols for back to work/school programs and will work with the medical directors of organizations/employees on rolling out the COVID-19 testing protocols. 

Our Team is here to help. Please contact us at (614) 254-6031